Furniture City furnished our whole bedroom. They had everything we wanted at a price we could afford.


Appliances | Furniture City - Yazoo City, MS

At Furniture City, we look at furniture from a very wide perspective. While the desks, tables, and beds we are famous for might be the meat and potatoes of our store, we know that quite a lot of items can also fit under the heading of furniture. Because we are dedicated to providing you with not just basic furniture but everything your home needs, we sell a complete line of home appliances here in the store.

Our product lines are extensive. We sell all of the following home major appliances:

• Washers
• Driers
• Refrigerators
• Freezers
• Electric Cooking Ranges
• Gas Cooking Ranges
• Air Conditioners

We understand that a home is not complete without these necessities. If you are filling up a new home, isn't it so much nicer to be able to get your needed major appliances along with all of the classic furniture you already expect from Furniture City?

We hope it goes without saying that our home appliance options are just as diverse, high quality, and affordable as any of our trusted furniture. While these items may not exactly be “furniture,” we believe that they are just as important to making you dream home a reality. What is a dining room table and chairs without the oven and refrigerator to make and save the food?

One is not quite complete without the others, and this is where our strong dedication to providing these additional products comes from. We hope we can provide you as much assistance procuring your new home appliances as we have your new furniture. Stop by our showroom in Yazoo City, MS to learn more about our products.