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We love our new living room couch from Furniture City. My son keeps asking if he can sleep on it.

Furniture City furnished our whole bedroom. They had everything we wanted at a price we could afford.




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At Furniture City, we understand that your furniture is a commitment. What you buy here will be around for years to come. Knowing that, we want to make...

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At Furniture City, we look at furniture from a very wide perspective. While the desks, tables, and beds we are famous for might be the meat and potatoes...

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While a good hardwood floor is a beautiful thing, it can feel a little empty without the benefits of a nice rug. A good rug helps complete a room the...

The staff at Furniture City was so helpful. They made great suggestions for our living room.

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For many years now, Yazoo City, MS has been home to one of the state's best furniture emporiums, Furniture City. With hundreds of items for sale and a host of helpful employees, Furniture City has triumphed over the competition and become known as the best place in the area to go for your home furniture.

This critical acclaim is well justified. Furniture City offers selections of furniture from every popular style and brand at prices that are distinctly affordable. With accessories, appliances, and rugs to complement it all, Furniture City offers a complete home shopping experience. We have everything you need.

However, we think that satisfying a customer means more than just giving them the biggest variety in product selection. It is a team of employees with professional skills and a dedication to the customer that makes shopping at Furniture City so clearly the best option around.

Our staff is trained and practiced so that they can help you with any assistance you need.

This is all part of our dedication to pleasing our trusted customers. We know you rely on the excellent service and selection we provide and we, in turn, rely on you to keep making our store a possibility.

So why not come down and check out what's in stock? We hope to see you soon.